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Michael Ryan Sikov

Michael has always been fascinated with exotic locations. Growing up in Southern California where there is about every climate on earth, he began playing with his father's camera. Shooting roll after roll, he enjoyed it more with each shot. He realized that this is his way to show the world what he sees through his eyes. He finds beauty in places most wouldn't even think to look and travels to places unheard of by the most of the western world. 

Sharing these images and places has become a passion of Michael.
Michael has visited and shot 24 of the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St John, Jamaica, Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, Israel, Jordan, England, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Litchenstein, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Maldives, Dubai: UAE, Mauritius, Argentina and Chile.

Who know's where he will go next.....

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